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Please email us if you have questions or wish to know if we have a part that is not featured on our website.                  

The website is current & updated daily.   Most orders are shipped the same or next Business day!

Frank's Pontiac Parts
& Auto Dismantling
75992 Baseline Road
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

 Lic #41838

Order Line  (760) 361-3242

"This is our order line, please read below before calling"

 Hours:  M-F 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time (California).  12-1pm (approx) Gone for lunch.
Local pickups must call ahead for an appointment.
Fax: Frank's Pontiac Parts (760) 361-3261
Fax   (760) 361-3261

(please do not fax questions, e-mail is best)

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Ordering Parts:

How to do business with us:  To save time & hassle it is always best to check the web site first before emailing or placing a call.  We have so many parts on the website that we don't always know if we have your part or not without consulting the web site first and due to the size of our location we may not be able to access a computer immediately.  The web site is kept current.  If you see something on the web site that you wish to purchase,  just let us know the price and description of the item when ordering and it can usually be shipped out the same or next day.   

Requests:  If you wish to know if we have a part on a parts car or a part that is not listed on the website please send us an e-mail request.  It takes 2-3 business days for us to have the available time to look and get back to you.  All e-mail requests get a response.  We do not have the available time or resources to return phone calls.  

Prices:  Our prices are based on supply & demand as well as condition. All prices are listed on the web site for the parts that we have available for immediate purchase.  We do not negotiate, everyone (local or International) gets the same price.   Discounts maybe available for local pickup on large & bulky items, but you have to ask.   We do not give out prices or a price range for items that we do not have or items that are out of stock, so please don't ask.  

New parts & manuals: Can be ordered through our web site via e-mail.  You may also fax or phone in your order to us.

Used parts: Must be ordered by phone. We have found that some parts may require a better description than the short description listed on the web site.   All parts are sold as they are featured on the web site.  We are not interested in selling just one or two parts off of a complete unit or any other item featured on our web site, please do not ask.

Return Policy:  Let's be crystal clear, returns are not accepted.  Due to the nature of our business, more often than not, we have more labor, storage, packing and time getting items up on the web site than they are worth to us.   Some electrical components are tested but none are guaranteed.   On the rare occasion that we make a mistake we will do our best to make the sale right.   

International & Canada:  We have specific payment & size limitations when dealing with International customers.  Email us for more information.  

Payment Methods:                            

We accept Visa, M/C, Discover Card, US & Canadian Postal Money Orders* and Western Union (International Orders) for your convenience.

Credit Cards:  Most orders are placed over the phone using a Credit Card.   There are a few certain items, as well as all orders to Canada, that will require you to fill out a credit card authorization form then either fax or scan and e-mail (the best way).  Some items we will not accept credit cards for payment. These items are ones that tend to be bulky freight and heavy engine components.   We never accept a Credit Card for a deposit or when a customer wishes to arrange for their own pick up by a third party.  

US Postal Money Orders:  We treat US Postal Money Orders (green) from the US Post Office as cash. Canadian Postal Money Orders* drawn on a US bank and paid out in US funds are also acceptable.  We do not accept any other money order, check or bank check.    *$15 surcharge on Canadian Postal Money Orders.

Western Union:  Most International orders can be paid for with a Credit Card by filling out and sending us a credit card authorization form.  Certain countries and circumstances may require payment in the form of Western Union only.  

Due to previous acts of credit card fraud, theft, counterfeiting and wire fraud we do not accept any other payment terms other than the ones specified above.  If you do not find our terms acceptable,  please move on.  Calling us to complain about our terms of payment and/or demanding special terms is not tolerated.  


Most orders are shipped the same or next day.  Our preferred shipping method is UPS on items shipped domestically and Priority Mail on small items and International orders.  We no longer ship parts Next Day Air or overnight delivery.  We charge actual shipping rounded up to the nearest 25 cents on all ground and air orders, as well as a packing charge of $2.50.  Some freight orders, as well as a few ground orders, may require an additional packing charge greater than $2.50.